Suricata Test Builders

November 23 2017

Do your Suricata modifications build for you but fail on the Suricata Travis-CI? travis-suricata-failed-jobs

Or does your PR get rejected for not building on the private build servers? Try suricata-test-builders, an unofficial set of Docker and Vagrant build environments that perform a variety of builds across a variety of Linux distributions (with Docker) and other operating systems with Vagrant and VirtualBox. The idea is to run these builders from your current working directory to exercise a variety of build environment including CentOS, Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD and OpenBSD with an option of providing you a shell for further debugging. As Docker and Vagrant/VirtualBox are used it is limited to x86 and x64 systems that can run under Docker and VirtualBox. Most testing has been done on Linux, but it should also work on MacOS provided VirtualBox, Vagrant and Docker are installed and working.